We go the extra mile... for you.

AANDSHIOP RESOURCES ENGINEERING was founded in 2004 and has been incorporated as a limited liability company.

Aandshiop Resources Engineering Limited has gathered valuable years of experience in working on a multitude of varying sized projects in the Nigerian engineering industry. Our company has grown in strength with each project and is managed and directed by professional engineers with over 30 years conjugate experience.

Aandshiop Resources Engineering began with its founder and CEO Engr. Opeyemi Opadeyi (MNSE), who started the company back in his University days at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria out of a passion for delivering top value on projects.

As an engineer committed to the standards and ethics of his practice, he believed and still believes every project deserves the best possible solution. And as regards execution of projects, he never believed in cutting corners.

After years of delivering quality solutions through adequate research, creativity and efficient utilization resources, the company gradually began getting the deserved recognition for her brand of service delivery.

Aandshiop Resources today is a strong team of civil, mechanical, electrical engineers and facilitators who share the core philosophy for delivering the best possible results even with limited resources and the tough challenges of the engineering sector.

Over the years, the company has solved various kinds of engineering challenges in different parts of the country earning experience, and respect from clients along the way for its knack for going the extra mile to ensure successfully completed projects.

AANDSHIOP RESOURCES Engineering started out with a passion for delivering results that exceed expectations.

 We love going further to make our clients happier. Its the passion that drives us. We are a team of intelligent engineers with great design ideas and practical experience who share a passion for delivering more value on every project.

To us, every project is unique and as we work together with stake-holders to create dynamic solutions, it proves another opportunity to deliver more value than expected.

Our cutting edge is the ability of combine worlds of technology and experiences from different engineering sectors to solving complex engineering problems and building strong relationships with our clients.

Ours is a long-lasting commitment towards providing more value through solutions that exceed expectations - going the extra mile. Everytime.

We continously work towards a better future created through partnerships with the best solutions in the world.

 We aim to continue to help sculpt the skyline by providing unparalleled engineering solutions both within and outside the country collaborating with best engineering firms to bring quality and dynamic solutions to our clients.

Our bias is that a building is only as strong as its foundation and we will become better at providing cheaper, firmer, dynamic foundations for structures on whatever soil we encounter.

Through effective geo-technical designs, we will help make the earth more suitable for human habitation. And by providing top-notch solutions for other areas of engineering, such as building construction, facilities management, we will consolidate our commitment towards providing our clients with a full-fledged engineering services company that delivers more value than expected.

We believe in better; a better world sculpted by engineers who value efficient and dynamic solutions and who have the capacity to transform the world and lives with best available techniques and technology.

We believe in a better world, crafted from the strongest foundations..

This is the future we believe in

Do you have enquiries? Its easy to contact us via these channels:
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