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We offer dynamic solutions for your projects.

Project Management

AR Engineering Group's experienced engineers, technicians can provide full or partial project management services offering quality consultancy from the pre-planning stages to ensure the design proposals are deliverable from the beginning.
Our dynamic and tried methodologies are effective in reducing cost, construction down-times, risks, and resource wastages.
We work effectively in coordination with other disciplines on projects to deliver excellent results.
Our Independent Project Managers offer:

| Portfolio Management
| Contract Administration
| Executive or Turnkey Project Management
| Project Audits
| Real Estate Development Management

You get valuable project management service inclusive of definition, leadership, planning, management, control and timely delivery, ensuring your corporate goals are met.


AR Engineering Group has a team of dedicated Civil/Building Engineers with the capacity to apply years of experience and up-to-date Engineering Principles to provide solutions to earth-crust related engineering challenges. AR Engineers actually enjoy making the earth more habitable for mankind.
We undertake Sub-Soil Investigations, Erosion Control, Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Piling Works of all Kinds.
Our wide and refined experience with Geotechnics projects of various scopes in Africa makes us the choice for clients who want the best solutions in earth-related engineering. Our expertise include the design and performance prediction of the foundations of bridges, buildings, and other man-made structures in terms of the underlying soil and/or rock; and flood control and prediction.

LPO Supply Financing

Over our years of impact in the Nigerian construction industry, we have witnessed and even experienced at certain times in our company's growth, some of the challenges that prevent timely completion of construction projects. One of these crucial challenges exists in the Local Purchasing Order process for construction companies. Companies that deal with heavy equipment and large quantities of materials on projects understand how essential it is to be able to fund their Local Purchase Orders and prevent down-times and lapses in the project timeline.
As a firm poised to partner to offer solutions that help advance the construction industry, we have developed partnership that enable us to finance LPO supply for the purpose of helping companies such as yours at affordable rates towards keeping your projects running smoothly.




AR Engineering Group is an expert in all phases of whole Building & Structure Construction from planning and preliminary design to commissioning.
Every construction project is unique and we ensure that right from the design stage, our solution meets the specific needs of our clients whilst also adhering to prevailing regulations in the project location.
We construct the best drainages, bridges and storage facilities amongst others.
In addition, we have a trustworthy guarantee on our commissioned project.
To ensure compliance with maintenance standards, we offer flexible, affordable Post-Project Maintenance Services.
We are value and quality-driven. By adequate monitoring and using the best hands, our clients know they can relax and not worry about 'corner-cutting' issues on on their projects.
Our related services in Construction include:

*Highway, Street Design
*Structural Design and Assessment
*Construction of Bridges, *Foundations, Retaining Walls
*Sustainable Drainage
*Design with integrated waste-waste drainage
*Public Transportation Infrastructure Design and Maintenance.

Water Engineering

AR Engineering Group's experience in providing design solutions and consulting services related to water and waste-water treatment by incorporating innovative processes and advanced technologies.
Our core Water/Waste Engineering include:

Water Utility Infrastructure design, Construction & Maintenance Underground/Overhead Water Reservoirs, Deep/Shallow Water Borehole Drilling, Water & Waste-Works Network Optimization, Design of Domestic Water Treatment Plants of any size, Public Water
Pump Station Construction, Waste Treatment, Plants and Others.
We also take on Hydrogeology Projects helping to provide solutions that help our clients maximize groundwater resources.
Through already proven processes or recent ground-breaking technologies we offer cost-effective and efficient solutions to water/waste-water engineering challenges whether its to supply water for consumption or take away waste effectively.

Plant Leasing

Our variety of available machines for leasing include but are not limited to:
Mini Diggers, Excavators, Piling Rig, Dump Trucks, Dozers, Wheeled Loaders, Welding Machines, Materials Handling Equipment and many others.
Using our extensive industry knowledge and partner network, we can source and supply specific machinery at competitive prices to suit your needs and budget, whether you want it on flexible hire or lease terms or outright purchase.
Reach us and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Construction projects require heavy equipments. Most of the equipments will be leased to contractors.
AR Engineering with its capacity of available is able to lease you plants for your projects at affordable rates.
And we make it flexible so if plans change, you can under your valid contract with us, the equipment can be hired off or exchanged for as different machine to suit your requirements.
We can supply both new and used machinery depending on your specific requirements.

Facilities Management

Our team of Facility Managers with experience who can offer the most suitable programme for your projects be it small or large.
With experience in coordination of supplies and maintenance of facilities/structure, we are your choice for your Facilities Management & Supplies Projects.
We work with you as partners through the changes in project scope and specification.
Our team will work alongside your key staff, within your team, across your organization and together achieve effective results.
Do reach us today and we can talk about your specific needs and offer the value that has given us satisfied clients.

More Services

We Offer Much More
We also Specialize in the following services:

-Foundation Design and Construction
-Piling Works for Foundation of Structures
-General Contractor Supply & Installations
-Shore Protection Structures Construction
-Sheet Pile Works
-Dredging Works
-Turnkey Building and Structure Construction
-Drainage Construction
-Jetty Construction
-Deep & Shallow Bore Hole Drilling
-Soil Investigations & Laboratory Testing
-Steel Fabrication and
-Flow Line Construction
-Storage Reservoir Construction



We have a variety available for your project
  • Dumpy Level - Available
  • Theodolite - Available
  • Various Handtools - Available
  • Tipper (20 Tonnes) - Available
  • Concrete Mixers - Available
  • RB30 Crawler Crane - 50 Tons Available
  • Delmag D22 Hammer - Available
  • Complete Piling Rig and Leader - Available
  • Diesel Welding Machines +Accessories - Available
  • Flat bed Truck - Available
  • Self Loader Truck (Hiab) - Available
  • Drilling, Cutting&  Grinding Machines - Available
  • Oxy-Acetylene Welding Equipments - Available
  • Excavators - Available
  • Pay loaders - Available
  • Tons Dump Truck - Available
  • Rotary & Percussion Rigs - Available
  • Generators - Available
  • Pumping Machine - Available
  • Poker Vibrator - Available
  • Wheel Barrows - Available
  • Trolley - Available
  • Ladders - Available
  • Steel Scaffolding [4 sets] - Available
  • Pick-up Van - Available
  • Safety Boots/Helmets - Available
  • Overalls/Uniforms - Available
  • Other PPEs - Available

Do you have enquiries? Its easy to contact us via these channels:
+2348036453806 | +2348180025783 engineers@aandshiopresources.com